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Tissues et mailles

  1. Cordura 1000D 3xPU

    Cordura 1000D 3xPU

    27,95 €
    CORDURA® 1000D 3xPU is the strongest CORDURA® fabric we have available. It has 3 layers of Urethane coating and is extremely abrasion resistant.
    Although mostly applied in our outdoor products we see customer orders for many DIY applications but one of the best known purposes is to use CORDURA® 1000 for knee-pads on workpants and child trousers. plus d'informations
  2. Cordura 500D Gridforce 2xPU

    Cordura 500D Gridforce 2xPU

    25,95 €
    Cordura 500D Gridforce 2xPU plus d'informations
  3. Cordura 500D 1xPU black

    Cordura 500D, 1 couche AC-PU Noir

    22,95 €
    Cordura 500D 1xPU black plus d'informations
  4. Polyester 600D TPU
  5. Nylon 4 oz.
  6. Nylon Dyno 420 grey
  7. Robic 100D Honeycomb Silver-grey
  8. Nylon 210D ripstop black

    Nylon 210D ripstop

    8,95 €
    Nylon 210D ripstop plus d'informations
  9. Leno Mesh
  10. Spacer Mesh 3mm
  11. Mesh pocket material
  12. Transparant film 0,40 mm
  13. Hypalon