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Radical People

This page is a tribute to all those who found radical goals and set out to fulfill those goals. Being Radical is for some climbing the highest mountain and crossing continents and for others it's a family vacation. Hopefully we can all agree that what matters is that you get off that couch, switch off the tv, stop complaining on aches, pains, life, work and just go out with family, friends or on your own to do your Radical thing.

Are you Radical...? Let us know and we'll place your story.





8 Caminos with a Hiking Trailer

Paul Flipsen
Wheelie Walking Trailer - 8 Caminos

8 Caminos since 2015

Starting with his first Camino in 2015 Paul Flipsen did eight! Caminos since then.

"On my first Camino in 2015 I got stranded in Limoges (France) with a bacterial infection but it did not stop me. I logged the completion in 2016 from Limoges to Santiago, the route to Fisterra and Muxia and from A Coruna The Camino Inglés. Then in 2017 The Camino del Salvador, Primitivo and Inglés from Ferrol. Finally in 2018 The Camino Lebaniego, Ruta Vadiniense, Piece of Camino Francés and The Camino Invierno".

Go to Paul Flipsen’s reisblog

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Hiking around the world in 8 years

Meigo Märk
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Around The World!

The Walk Around The World - 40.000km in 8 years.

After 3 years and 10 months walking with a backpack the Estonian Meigo Märk started to get some backpain. So... now equipped with a Wheelie he continues his epic adventure.

"As I have been walking now for almost 4 years and over 19 000 kilometers in 22 countries, I have finished all the money I had collected for this travel and right now my travel is supported only by many kind individuals from different countries. I hope to walk minimum the circular distance of the Equator (40 075 km) so I surely plan to walk at least another 21 000 kilometers in the next 4 years ".

Go to Facebook Page of Meigo Märk

Youtube Clip of Meigo Märk

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Hiking Trailer through Russia, Mongolia and China

Ursula Büch
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Portugal, Spain, France, Camino Primitivo and del Norte

Hiking the Camino with my Dog

June 2018 she took off for a 6 month hike with her 3kg dog "Floh".

"First I will look at Andalusia. Then it goes along the coast of Portugal to the north of Spain. From there I follow the Camino Primotivo and the Camino del Norte backwards. At the end just before France I turn inland and follow the river Ebeo to the Spanish east coast below Barcelona. Then it goes up the coast to France and up through the Provence. It's probably the end there and I'm going home by train. But I do not know that today. It will probably be about 5,000km. I have set myself 6 months".

Go to Facebook Blog of Ursula

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Hiking Trailer through Russia, Mongolia and China

Iva Stejskal
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Russia, Mongolia and China

Historical Tea and Trade Route

In 1820, it took 150 horses, 10 camels, 28 oxen, 30 Cossacks and 91 days for a Russian delegation to travel from the border fortress town of Kyagt, Russia, to Beijing, China. The journey was recorded by George Timkowski in his book "Travels of the Russian Mission through Mongolia to China".

"I will lead a nomadic life retracing this journey which also follows the historical tea and trade route through Russia, Mongolia and China, crossing mountains, rivers and the Gobi Desert, using my Radical Design wheelie".

Read Timkowski's Book Online for Free

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Cross-USA walk with Walking Trailer

Melissa McCarthy
Wheelie Walking Trailer - USA

Cross USA Pilgrimage 2015 - 2017

August 2017 she arrives after a two year adventure but she already states not to stop walking!

Having already walked the Camino in the past Melissa McCarthy began a cross country walking pilgrimage across the US with the Walking Trailer. Currently on a small break for medical reasons Melissa plans to continue her trek in April 2016 starting from Ft. Morgan, CO, and continuing east on U.S. Route 6. We wish her all the best!


Washington Post Article on Melissa McCarthy's Home Coming


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Hiking Duncansby Head (SCT) to Lambs Head (IRL)

Aswin Suierveld
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Scotland, Ireland

Lambs Head Project - Charity walk voor Reclaimed Voices

Just having finished the "JoGLE" (North to South GB) but on a different route. She is now hiking from Duncansby Head (SCT) to Lambs Head (IRL) (1000mi)

Lambs Head Project Website

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13-Day Solo Australia Tour

Donna-Lou Nixon a.k.a. Mother SUPer
Cyclone Bicycle Trailer - Australia

Donna Lou-Nixon 13-Day Solo Australia on Bicycle and SUP

13 day Solo, Unassisted SUP / Cycle Toukley to Taree 258km of Stand Up Paddleboarding and 55km of Cycling

9 Lakes, 7 Rivers, 6 Bays, 5 Creeks, 1 Broadwater and 1 Passage Overland using an inflatable SUP and folding bike and trailer as transport

Strong winds, got blown off course, storms, paddled to camp in pitch dark, fish jumped on my board, lost my fin then found it, isolated camping with a chicken that kept me company, saw a shark (not such a highlight), had trouble locating campsites, totally exhausted every night, met some wonderful people and absolutely loved every minute of it.

Travel Play Live Magazine Article


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Cycling through Belgium

Tom Geerts
Cyclone Bicycle Trailer - Belgium

Cycling through Belgium

Cycling for 26 days through Belgium, Tom met many fellow countrymen as he stayed with host families on most occasions. His interest for the journey started on reading testimonials from Belgium Journalists, Writers and Photographers on the beauty of his own country. What he remembers most vividly where the amazing life stories he encountered. "I remember how a teacher completely turned his life upside down and became a Sheep shepherd".

Interview Tom Geerts (NL)

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Hiking Trailer at the Thailand border

Dominique Brasseur
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Thailand

Mother and Son Crossing Thailand

Dominique Brasseur always said to herself she’d use his retirement for long travels on foot. At 65, she joined his son Nicolas on a south-north crossing of Thailand. They started in Betong, the southernmost frontier town, and walked some 3000km, taking their time to visit the country, to arrive on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 1.50 pm at Mae Sai checkpoint border, the official northernmost point of the border with Myanmar (ex-Burma), several months after they had set out.

Dominique Brasseur: My shoulders not being up to carrying a backpack anymore, I could not have realized this dream without the Wheelie hiking trailer. I am grateful to the Radical Design Team for their material and advice before my departure. Back in Bangkok by public transport, we are now continuing our journey on foot to Cambodia. The travel continues, what a pleasure.

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GR654 Santiago with hiking trailer

Kris Vasse
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Santiago GR654 - Étourvy - Tonnerre - Auxerre - Sermizelles

We are walking together again

"Someone asked me, after Auxerre, what we were going to do now that hiking apparently became to strainful.
Well, I thought of what I could miss out of my backpack and so I came up to 9 kg., With a one person tent, because I had to hike... I even looked for a hiking buddy. But then I found the Wheelie Walking Trailer."

Kris and his wife walked the GR654 recently with his wife, handling the trailer for large sections.

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Picture of Extreme Cyclist with Carbon Roadbike and Bicycle Trailer

Christian Graber
Cyclone Bicycle Trailer - Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgary, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Russia

As High As Possible

From the lowest to the highest point of Europe in exactly 100 days. The only goal was to reach the top of Mount Elbrus in Russia. Christian already traveled in Europe with his carbon roadbike and Bike Trailer Cyclone a lot of times so he decided to combine biking, kayaking and hiking on this trip. From -7m to 5.642m above sea level with 100% muscular force - More than 5.500km of pure adventure troughout this continent made the summer 2016 to a huge competition.


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Free camping with a Walking Trailer

Jörgen aka KayakCobber
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal

All Across Europe With His Roadturtle

Being one of the main contributors to the "l am Wheelie Radical..." Facebookgroup Jorgen posts many pictures of his travel. Sleeping mostly in the open air covering substantial distances with his Wheelie Walking Trailer.

KayakCobber on Facebook

facebook.com/groups/wheelie.radical (Pictures)

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Southern California to Canada with a walking trailer

Ted Stekkinger
Wheelie Walking Trailer - USA, Canada, Camino de Santiago, New Zealand North to South

Southern California to Canada

Due to a back injury, sixty-five-year-old Ted Stekkinger was unable to carry a backpack to complete his dream of trekking the Pacific Crest Trail to Canada, so he decided to trek with his Wheelie Walking Trailer along alternate routes, aqueducts, and trails, from his home in Ventura, California, to Canada. He completed his goal in the summer of 2015 after trekking 1,435 miles (2,309 kilometers), camping most of the way.

In May to June, 2016, he trekked the Camino de Santiago from Saint Jean Pied de Port, France, to Santiago, Spain, 500 miles (805 km), with his Wheelie.


Then in September to November, 2016, shortly after completing the Camino Francis, he trekked the Camino Via de la Plata, from Sevilla, Spain, to Santiago, Spain, 630 miles (1,014k), with his Wheelie.
And hopefully in September, 2017, he plans to complete a trek from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island of New Zealand, with his Wheelie of course.




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Running across america with a walking trailer

Jan Walker
Wheelie Walking Trailer Skeleton - USA

National Memorials Run Across America

On March 1, 2016, Jan Walker will depart Oceanside, CA and run across the US to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial in Washington DC, garnering grass roots support to make this Trail a reality.

Along the way, she will be stopping at local 9/11 Memorials, garnering media support and donations for The 9/11 National Memorial Trail Alliance. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit, working to establish a National Memorial Trail (a multi-use run, hike, bike trail) connecting the three 9/11 Memorial crash sites. It would be the first of it's kind in the US, as there currently are no federally designated "National Memorial" Trails in existence. When it's finished, it will be an approximately 1100 mile long triangle shaped route linking the Pentagon Memorial, Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA, and the National September 11 Memorial in New York City. Currently about 2/3rds of the Trail is set.

We are honored she will be using the Wheelie Walking Trailer while completing the approximately 3000 mile Run for this worthy cause.

You can find out more about the Trail and the Run at the following links:


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Sarah Marquis walking 20.000 miles with a walking trailer

Sarah Marquis
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Asia/Australia

20.000km walking expedition with a walking trailer

Voted Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic, Sarah Marquis walked for 20.000km from Siberia to Australia over three years. A large part of her journey was covered with the Wheelie Walking Trailer. In 2013 she arrived at her destination after this amazing and sometimes frightening experience. On her Flickr account Sarah stated, ”My trolley is the extension of ME”. We thank her for this complement and wish her all the best with many future adventures.


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Walking the Camino with Two Dogs

Soe, Pierrick, Hercule en Juno
Wheelie Walking Trailer - Santiago de Compostella

Walking the Camino with Dogs

Soe & Pierrick walked the camino with a walking trailer and their two dogs and wrote a Dutch blog with lots of pictures of their successful journey.


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100 Cols Tour with Bicycle Trailer

Fred Charité
Cyclone Bicycle Trailer - France

The Hundred Cols Tour with a Bicycle Trailer

The Hundred Cols Tour is the ultimate challenge for the bicycle rider and considered as one of the most toughest bicycle rides in the world. Fred Charité rode it six times!


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walking with 100kg on two trailers

Wheelie and Cyclone combined - Northern Europe, Iceland, the Shetland Islands and Féroées, Scotland and Ireland

Nomad on Land and Water | a Way of Life

With 100kg and a volume of 500 liters in no way an ultralight traveler. But Frédéric's journey is neither race nor challenge nor extreme. It's about changing your lifestyle with respect for nature and people. More than a trip, it is a way of life.


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Two people on folding bikes with a bicycle trailer

Cyclone Chubby - France

Touring France on Folding Bikes

Their not crossing continents but if we agreed that being Radical is to set out, be active and enjoy nature and life then they certainly deserve a spot here. From Mont Saint Michel to Saint Malo with folding bikes.


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Shane with folding bike and bicycle trailer

Shane and his Brompton
Cyclone Trekking with Brompton - Multiple countries

Human Powered Adventurer

From Shane's website : I’m just a normal person that likes to get out and about, life is too short to have a “Standard life”, Live life now, have no regrets. “Adventure is turning fears and dreams into memories.”

Shane cycled Thailand, Uganda, USA, Africa, Lapland, Canada and many more countries are added to the list every year. When Shane writes that he loves his Radical Bicycle Trailer, we feel proud.


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Mom with child on bike with bicycle trailer

Travelling Two
Cyclone Trekking - Multiple countries

The Best Guide for Bicycle Travelling with Kids

Friedel & Andrew are two Canadians who travelled through 30 countries and cycled over 60,000km on a bike tour around the world from 2006-2009. Their website is an absolute amazing source of information for bicycle travelling with kids.


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Chris and his Trike at Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST

Chris Breier
Cyclone Trekking - Canada / Alaska

Recumbent Trike Tour Alaska and Yukon

Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go ! Chris documented his adventures between 1989 till now with Expeditions in USA , Alaska & Canada, Skandinavia with Folding Boat, Motorboat, Katamaran, Motorbike, SUV, Bicycle, Trike... Very good documentation on travelling the Yukon River since Chris did it nine times!


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